Hereford is a city and the largest settlement and also the 'county town'.

Herefordshire County Council - Hereford, Leominster, Ross-on-Wye, Bromyard, Ledbury

Although we do not have any specific parking bays for motorhomes in our car parks we do allow motorhomes to use the car parks, although some car parks are more suitable than others.
If your motorhome cannot fit into a single parking bay please ring the parking section on 01432 260 974 to get the appropriate advice which may depend on circumstances at that time.
Where there are marked parking bays and your vehicle takes up more than one bay, you should purchase a ticket for each bay.

The following car parks are suitable for motorhome parking:

Hereford - Merton Meadow HR4 9HE - no size information, north of the river and adjacent to the football ground does not have any marked bays. It is a five to ten minute walk to the city centre.

Hereford - St. Martins overflow HR2 7RQ - 61 spaces, south of the river by the leisure facilities has marked bays but generally plenty of room.
Avoid Garrick Multi Storey and Maylord Orchard car parks (both have low head room).

Ross-on-Wye - Red Meadow HR9 7EG - 126 spaces, by the swimming pool and close to the town centre.Avoid Wilton Road car park due to height barrier.

Ledbury - Lawnside Road HR8 2AG - 58 spaces, by the leisure facilities and a five minute walk into the town centre.Avoid Bye Street and Bridge Street car parks as both have limited space to manoeuvre.

Leominster - Broad Street HR6 8DD - 269 spaces, short walk into the town centre.
Leominster - Dishley Street HR6 8NY - 64 spaces, short walk into the town centre.

Kington - Mill Street HR5 3DP - 41 spaces.